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Introduction To Suitcases
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Early suitcases are made of wood or other heavy materials, and with the spread of air travel, the material of the suitcase tends to be lighter in hard plastic or cloth.

Most of the models are also equipped with built-in small wheels, can be easily pulled by the lever, 2010 years later there are 4 small wheel suitcases, in addition to 360 degrees of rotation, in the flat can be more effortless and easy to push. In addition, the suitcase can also be divided into hard shell suitcases and soft shell suitcases according to the housing. The hard shell suitcase is more resistant to fall and is suitable for luggage that needs to be given more protection. Soft shell suitcases are usually lighter in weight than hard-shell suitcases and have more flexible capacity.

However, the zipper position of the soft shell suitcase is more likely to explode because there are too many objects inside.

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