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Fabric Classification Of Bags
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Fabric is the main material of luggage products, fabrics not only directly affect the appearance of the product image, but also related to the product market sales price, in the design and selection must be given great attention. Style styling, materials and color are the three elements of design. Luggage color and material two factors directly by the fabric to reflect, the style of the bag also rely on the material soft, crisp and thick and heavy weight and other characteristics to ensure.

Therefore, it is also in the conceptual design performance effect should be emphasized.

There are many kinds of materials that can be used in the fabric of luggage products, and the products also have different categories because of different fabrics, such as: real bags, imitation bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags and so on.

1. Natural leather materials. Natural leather materials raw materials are a variety of animal skins, natural leather appearance elegant and generous, soft and plump feel, product durability is good, popular with users. But because of its higher selling price, to a certain extent limited the use of leather bags.

There are many natural leather materials used in luggage products, and there are great differences in the different properties of the species.

2. Artificial leather and synthetic leather. Artificial leather looks like natural leather, and low prices, a wide variety of colors, has been used in industrial and agricultural production and people's lives.

Early production of artificial leather using polyvinyl chloride coated on the surface of the fabric, the appearance and practicality are poor, and polyurethane synthetic leather varieties, so that the quality of artificial leather has been significantly improved, especially the substrate with nonwovens, surface layer with polyurethane porous materials imitation of the structure of natural leather and composed of synthetic leather, with good practical performance. Therefore, artificial leather by raw material classification, can be divided into two categories, namely PVC artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Among them, in the artificial leather series, there are artificial leather, artificial lacquer leather, artificial suede leather, PVC plasticized film and other materials.

In the synthetic Leather material series, the surface is coated with polyurethane foaming layer, the appearance and natural leather is very similar to the most widely used synthetic leather.

3. Artificial fur. With the development of textile technology, artificial fur has a greater development, artificial fur has a natural fur appearance, and cheap and easy to keep, in terms of performance is also close to natural fur, in the luggage design can not only be used for trimming materials, but also can be used to make bag products full of childlike fun.

Its appearance and performance mainly depends on its production methods, varieties have knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur, artificial roll fur and so on.

4. Fiber cloth (fabric). Fabrics can be used in bags as well as in the material part. The fabrics used in fabrics have two categories of PVC coating and ordinary fabrics. Among them, polyvinyl chloride coating, that is, on the front or back affixed with transparent or opaque PVC film textile, such as the Scottish Fangbu, Calico, artificial fiber cloth, etc., this material has a variety of colors and patterns, and has a very high waterproof and wear resistance, can be used to make travel bags, sports bags, student bags and so on.

Among ordinary fabrics, canvas, flannel, twill, and Scottish square cloth can all be used to make bag products.

5. Plastics. Plastic is a common material variety of bags, mostly used in hot pressing molding box parts, is the main material of the suitcase.

Not only colorful colors, but also the use of very good performance.

6. Material. Luggage material is mainly used to assist the shape of the product, at the same time play the role of protecting the fabric of the product. The main varieties are artificial leather and textile two categories. In artificial leather products, the main use of those relatively soft varieties, such as foam imitation sheep leather, and in the textile, the main use of chemical fiber fabrics in the imitation of silk fabrics, in some luggage products are sometimes used cotton fabrics and artificial cotton fabrics.

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