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Tips for using backpacks
- Nov 22, 2018 -

1.Large backpack with a volume of more than 50 liters, when placing items, to put the weight is not afraid of bumping heavy objects in the lower part, after putting the best backpack can stand alone, if more heavy objects are evenly placed in the bag and close to the side of the body, so that the overall center of gravity will not fall. Backpack on the shoulder has the skill, puts the backpack to a certain height, shoulders into the shoulder strap, the body tilts forward, depends on the legs to stand up, this is more convenient way.

2.If there is no height to place, with both hands to lift the backpack, put on a knee, face the strap, one hand control bag, the other hand grip shoulder strap quickly rotation, so that one arm into the shoulder strap, and then another arm into. 

3.After carrying the bag, tighten the belt. So that the crotch is the heaviest force, to buckle the chest strap, tighten, so that the backpack does not have a post-fall feeling, walking hands with the shoulder strap and backpack between the adjustment belt, the body slightly tilted forward, so that when walking gravity is actually in the waist, hip area, the back without pressure, encountered unexpected events, the upper limb can be flexible. When unprotected through rapids and steep lots, relax the shoulder strap and open the belt and chest strap so that the bag can be separated as quickly as possible in the event of danger.

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