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Introduction to the Trolley box
- Nov 22, 2018 -

A trolley box refers to a suitcase with a lever and a roller. Widely used because of its ease of use. At the same time, the trolley box also because of the box set a pull rod, there are Tantura rod and double pipe lever, the lever tube is also square tube and round pipe, in order to facilitate walking when dragging, greatly reduce the burden. Trolley box can be portable or drag, we usually use the wheel of the trolley is basically located at the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of the Pull box, the box design into a cylindrical shape, the wheel is the entire outsourcing in the outside of the box, such a drum design so that this trolley box can better adapt to different terrain, If you pull the box directly, you can easily go up and down the stairs. 2012 Mainly to cloth box, ABS hard box, suitcase, PC and so on as the main material, and the use of sex is divided into directional wheel, universal wheel and the latest detachable universal wheel pull box three categories.

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